The water project



In Jammu we have driven slum school since 1999. The school has been gradually extended by the number of pupils and premises. Now own school a great three-story building, which last floor was finished in 2013. We start in 3 years of age and gives them there 12 years full education, making an extreme difference in their and family life. One challenge is getting parents on board, many are very positive, while others are struggling to understand the importance and benefits of education, the short-term gains by begging and labor.

Our students come from all slums around and near school. These are children who otherwise would not get schooling. In addition to providing them education in a safe environment, we support them also with several sets of school clothes, shoes and food every day. These are children who are very poor, and for many is our school the first time they get shoes on your feet.

Our school is also beginning to achieve very good material standard. We have just drilled for water and found just outside the school, so that students can get unlimited with clean water. Clean water is generally very rare for them. Sparebanken Vest has also contributed big to support us with many of their obsolete computers in India makes a big difference, we own great computer room. Schools in Norway has also contributed by collecting money which the organization has purchased equipment for the activity.

Teachers at the school are heroes. While they have had 30% lower wages than the public schools, because we have lacked sponsors in Norway. But in 2014, we made an effort and increased their salaries to a dignified salary.

In 2013 we also purchased a yellow school bus to shool those living farther away. Cost 60,000 kr.

To support such a child costs 250 kr / month and covers everything needed to give the child a worthy education and development. Be a sponsor today and join us to change the lives of children from the slums in Jammu!

450 students
Jammu, North India
12 year education
School uniform


Our leader for the work in India, Johnny Bhatti, took the winter of 2004 three home- and orphaned girls home to his family's house, which also consisted of two rooms. This has evolved into later an orphanage for 12 girls. Until we in October 2015 opened a brand following the acquisition construction, funded by Connection Haugesund. Now we have 18 girls and boys, and has good potential for expansion.

Those who live at the orphanage are well taken care of. Kids get close contact with those who work there and get to experience the love and care. They are encouraged, edified and believed in. The older girls help much in the orphanage, and are so ready to take care of themselves later.

To support such a child costs 400 kr / month. These changes undoubtedly children's lives, and we are very grateful for Connection Haugesund which now has assumed full responsibility for maintaining funding for the orphanage.

18 children
Jammu, North India
Care and love


In 2013, we sent a youth team including played a show match against a good Indian team. Media were heavily present, in addition to the Minister of Finance. Since then, the ideas about sports not let himself stop, and resulted in the startup of its own sports teams in 2014 on the Indians own initiative. An important factor to start was the state's desire for cooperation with us on sport for children and young people in the slums.


By sport when more children than otherwise, we create a good reputation Jammu, but the best thing is that we help young people to stay away from crime. The sport is very prevention of crime, and creates something that young people can live.

Today we have two football teams and a cricket team. Our football team has also been very skillful. A football team was invited to a football cup autumn 2015 and got to the finals. This resulted in an invitation to an even bigger cup in the state that team went on to win! Exciting!

Jammu, North India


Slum Shine is our latest project in the slums of India, started in April 2015 by 16 Norwegian youngsters. Assistance project aims at preventing littering of slums in India.


In 2014 traveled a group of Norwegian youths to India with a desire to experience Indian culture and tourism. In that regard, they visited a slum area in Jammu, where we have established a school and an orphanage for girls. The youngsters had good contact with the people in this area, and an impression of their living conditions up close. Especially the large amount of waste in the slums caught the attention of several of the youths.


Garbage is a problem in many parts of India, affecting slums greatly. A river runs through the slum area at the school and our base. Those who live here use it as a sort of automatic garbage-disposal system, where all the garbage thrown into the river. When the rainy season comes, the water will bring the trash, and the problem is "solved". This is not sustainable. The quality of life of the people in this area is characterized very much by the amount of waste that surrounds them.


Operation Slum Shine were youths against reaction on this, and in April 2015 went youths back to India to start this project. All the children of slum schools were collected, local ministers and politicians were invited, only to affirm that the garbage should get away. The project started when the first trash bins were placed, followed by the Norwegian and Indian youths started a major cleanup.


Till now we have placed out 40 large garbage pails and garbage collectors employed three full time. We also got to collaborate with the authorities in India, where they have put out containers outside slums as our garbage collectors use. Authorities will again empty these containers. In retrospect, people from nearby slums observed effects of these garbage cans, and asked to get such to their area too. Our vision is to change the mindset, and that together we can do something about it!


We want to help as many people as possible, and the growing demand from slum areas around, gives us the opportunity to do so. Precast on the ground is the price for each garbage pail approximately $ 1300, - We are looking for support to fund these.

3 workers
40 garbage pails
Jammu, North India

Work places

An important factor in Share Mercy his work is the formation of the workplace. Are we helping the Indians to create jobs, it will bring many fixed income, which in turn can have major effect.


On slum school we have many employees, both in management and as teachers. At the orphanage we have more staff. About sports clubs continues to grow we will need staff there. Project Slum Shine has more employees. Share Mercy is thus an important contributor to the creation of jobs in Jammu. In addition to these we sysenter and chicken farm.



As school gained a foothold so we need cheap school uniforms and there an opportunity to create business. It resulted in a small sysenter which until today has supported the school and several other schools and hospitals with uniforms.


In 2016 the focus is on additional sysenteret who move to new premises and we want to increase our staff.


Jammu, North India

Health center

In 2013 and 2014 we had down healthcare from Norway which has made health checks on all pupils. In 2014 we also had lower ophthalmologist who tested all the children and sponsored spectacles on those who needed. We have ever since wanted to open a health center our offices around the school who can take care of the health of all students. But it is not only students we will eventually take care of, but also the citizens who live in slums around the school. 2016 could be the year we get realized this.


A little further south than Jammu lies the city of Amritsar. There we have health camps every month where one travels out of the ghetto and make medical examinations. In January 2016 drove the extra wide and surveyed over 1,000 people.

Jammu, North India
Amritsar, North India

The water project

The water you get in tap water in India is far from clean, many bacteria thrive well in the water and gives rise to serious diseases. In the slums of Jammu is not purity the only problem here is the water supply in its entirety a big problem. The state must allocate water so that everyone in the state gets, it makes it often only is water a few hours in the pipes a day, if they are lucky. This means that you must have large water tanks that they fill up the hours they have water.


This has been a great challenge for the school for many years, but with challenges come opportunities, and in 2015 we conducted an extensive drilling project just outside the school. We found water at 150 meters depth and pressure was great! Which means that there may be water in a long time! We have also previously acquired own treatment plant that provides children in school drinking water. Now we also unlimited drinking water!


Not only that, we want to share this discovery with the residents of the slums around! This is a wonderful way to help people at the same time as it will have implications on the infrastructure, and thus good influence back at school.


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