Kjersti and Erik Tronrud driver, along with skilled national workers, extensive work among children in the slums of Baseco (Manila). Where they have a separate building where they gather every weekend hundreds of children and give them food. They have lots of news to tell:


"In December we had 650 children on Christmas celebrations to Kids Church. The children were given rice, chicken, Christmas gifts, and we had lots of toys and fun together. Just before Christmas we had a tent meeting on the beach where 2,000 families were invited and received each bag of Christmas food and klær.Takket be happy donors in Norway we have now finally gotten up the last takbiten on new building, and the rain held hereinafter out! We also got connected us to the water network in Manila, got water in the toilets, and soon shower rooms finished. We now sell water, so we at least cover our own consumption. "

Southeast Asia

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